The Psychology of Nightmares

A nightmare is surrounded by hidden dream meanings that cause strong, negative feelings and responses.

Typically, nightmares instantly bring a feeling of fear because of the danger and discomfort that it brings to the dreamer. Certain dream symbols direct people to see and associate negative feelings that provides a clinging feeling that inhibits a person to return to sleep. But what do these nightmares really imply?

Nightmares definitely contain unpleasant dream symbols that people would wish to avoid. There are many suppositions that aim to keep a person away from nightmares and the horrid dream interpretations that cultivate fearful thoughts and feelings. Although nightmares bring negative feelings, its appearance in one’s dreams is an important indication to maintain a person’s security and safety.

There is a belief that negative dream meanings imply warnings. Although this is not always true in physical reality, the unpleasant dream meanings may indicate dangers that one’s psyche might encounter as a person faces reality. In contrary to beliefs that nightmares are psychic episodes, dream psychology states that nightmares occur because of occurrences in a person’s life that the unconscious would wish to resolve. For example, a person dreams of bleeding and getting badly wounded. This does not precisely signify getting into an accident or getting hurt physically.

Dreams symbols as such may post as an alarm to your conscious mind that your body is undergoing pain coming from stressful situations or emotional liabilities or may encounter pain with the current decisions and actions the person has recently undertaken.

Dream psychology studies the important messages that nightmares bring. During dream interpretations, each aspect of the experience is dissected in dream psychology. Dream symbols may imply the negative feelings the unconscious mind is trying to communicate whether during the present or whether it had been a recurring theme since the time of childhood.

Reverence should also be maintained from the dream meanings nightmares provide. Extreme unconscious dream symbols may also imply psychological needs and psychiatric issues that need to be addressed. Recurring nightmares, on the other hand, would present dream interpretations that remind the dreamer of responsibilities that are consistent, duties that have continuously been postponed, or the need for the person to understand a certain reality that he or she encounters in life.

A classic example of nightmares is the dream symbols that give feelings of falling with the inability to save oneself. Dream psychology explains that dream symbols similar to this indicates deceptions to prepare a person to become strong and determined to face challenges like these.

Following dream meanings may help lessen the appearance of unpleasant dream symbols. Nightmares indicate the abstract means that the unconscious uses to communicate with our conscious. Dream psychology suggests a person could solve and overcome problems encountered in life by following the guidance of the unconscious mind through the dream interpretations it presents. So, whenever encounter weird and fearful dream meanings, keep in mind that your unconscious mind is giving you signals to protect and prepare you to face possible problems that you are experiencing or may encounter very soon.