This subfield studies the neural correlates of psychic functioning and behaviour. This field, driven by the approach of biological materialism, enjoys sizable prestige today because of its efforts to find the genetic and biochemical foundations of many disorders.

Neuroscience studies the neural correlates of psychic functioning and behaviour. The fundamental subject matter includes the nervous system’s structure and function.

The neuron, with its supporting cells, are the ground level units making up the brain, the spinal cord and the nerves leading to and from organs, glands and muscles. Research on the neuron’s genetics, its neurochemistry and on its remarkable ability to carry electrochemical signals within itself, and from one neurone to another, is basic to understanding the function of different parts of the brain.

Built on this microscopic research is the study of the sensory and motor systems, and the relationship of the nervous system to memory, language and attention. Some of the specialties connected with study of the human nervous system are neurology, psychiatry, neurosurgery and neuropathology.

Clinical psychologists who work with brain damaged patients are often interested in the mental and physical effects of brain damage and conduct tests to assess the benefits and risks of various treatments.

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